The only diet formulation sofware using the news INRA 2018 System

  • New concepts: rumen protein balance, feed level (FL), variable efficiency of protein…
  • New diet formulating conception: the values of feed in a diet are no longer fixed and vary according to the diet and animal characteristics.
    The feed tables only give reference values for fixed conditions of use.
  • New calculations: volontary dry matter intake depending on metabolisable protein content of the diet, milk yield responses to dietary changes, nutrient flows, urinary and feacal nitrogen excretion and methane emissions.

Le périmètre de nos fonctionnalités

The software functionalities

  • Prévalim : add-on module for feed values calculation
  • Feed tables
  • Step further in diet formulation
    • mineral optimization: optimum mineral composition for animals’requirements meeting (optimum, minimum, maximum)
    • grazing: forcast pasture grass intake according to grazing conditions
    • comparison of several rations
  • Drink water needs calculation
  • Many editions

Next steps with the V2 software

  • Diet formulation for sheep and goats
  • Fatty acid module for milk and meat composition calculation

Experience here the different steps of a diet formulation with INRAtion or RUMINAL

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