INRAtion V5

Based on the modules that made it successfull and strengthen it’s features by including :

  • Updated feed tables and new Prévalim tool for nutritional evaluation of forages and concentrates.
  • Step further in diets formulation : mineral optimization, grazing conditions, comparison of several rations.
  • Detailed evaluation of feeding plans on technical aspects as well as economical and environmental point of view.
  • From the feed bunk management to the precise amount of concentrates for each cow.
  • Numerous editions.
  • A connected and disconnected mode.


Integrates all the functionalities of INRAtion® V5 with in addition the possibility of :

  • Customise your tools.
  • Create your own nutritional feeds and diets characteristics.
  • Benefit of add-on modules : feed supplies and purchases management : amount of fodder and concentrates calculation for a period, according to the types of diets and the number of animals.
  • Individual concentrate need : individualized amount of concentrate for each cow according to their production
  • Drink water needs calculation
  • Transfer of the information to connected tools as mix wagon, milking robot, individual concentrate feeders,..
  • Forcasting plan for concentrates and minerals purchase


RUMIN’AL software settings

Many configuration levels are allowed :

  • Assignments of user rights depending on the user’s profile (functionalities access, animals’type access,..)
  • Creation of your own feed and diet caracteristics
  • Creation of customized views for each animal type and each view (Diet view, diets comparison view, diet evaluation views, editions,…). For example on the diet view: bar chart criteria choice, main evaluation criteria.

RUMIN’AL diet’s evaluation

Eight fields for the technical evaluation :

  • Diet balance
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Nitrogen
  • Fibers
  • Minerals
  • Fatty acids
  • Amino acids

Economic evaluation

  • Diet cost
  • % autonomy

Environmental evaluation

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